Zanettini Arquitetura


With a 50-year history and over 1,200 projects in a number of areas built with more than 5 million square meters, ZANETTINI ARQUITETURA firm offers solutions with excellent quality and comfort, by innovating and exceeding clients' expectations.

Projects for research centers, environmental education centers, corporate facilities, schools, hospitals, clinics, sports centers, training centers, banks, shopping malls, industrial sheds, revitalization of buildings and urban areas, commercial and institutional facilities, furniture layout, single- and multi-family housing, and interior architecture are among the many segments in the civil construction chain that have being developed with the ZANETTINI brand name..

Our firm is a pioneer and leader in know-how for the use of new technologies and building systems with steel structures, used in conjunction with other elements such as wood, concrete and reinforced concrete, according to the characteristics of each project. We strive to balance a broad technical knowledge with the power of creativity.


Technical Manager: Architect Siegbert Zanettini
Location: Rua Chilon, 310 District: Vila Olimpia
ZIP Code: 04552-030
Tel: 11-3849-0394


Siegbert Zanettini (Sao Paulo, Oct 12, 1934) is a Town Planner Architect and Full Professor at FAU-USP. Holder of ZANETTINI Arquitetura, with over 50 years of professional experience, his work includes 1,200 completed projects in more than 5 million square meters, beyond four decades of life devoted to academic knowledge.